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Best Travel Blogs

    Spark Nomad – Travel blog that has extensive coverage of South American destinations among others.  Includes helpful information about best times to travel and adventurous things to do in each location.

    Planner At Heart – This is the best blog we’ve found about timeshares.  The owner of the blog, Monica, is a true timeshare expert, and she uses the blog to share all her insights about renting timeshares and about renting them out.

    Eco Lodges Anywhere – This is a travel blog focusing on ecotourism and sharing information about eco-lodges from all over the world as well as sustainable practices and green travel.

    DownshiftingPRO – This is a travel and lifestyle blog.  Established in 2009 by Margarita Ibbott, a travel writer and content creator, it focuses on travel for the 50+ crowd looking for travel itineraries, restaurant suggestions and hotel recommendations in Europe, the USA and Canada.  With a passion for museums, cultural activities and travel planning, you can follow this Canadian as she travels with her husband and at times, her adult children. As a retired professional organizer, her motto is: Less stuff, more travel.

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