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About was formed back in 2002. That was before blogs had become such an prevalent aspect of the internet.
That means we’ve been rating blogs since just about the beginning of blogging. We know a thing or two about blogs!
Nowadays, there are blogs everywhere. Just about every town in American probably has some bloggers.
With so many blogs out there, it’s hard to tell which ones are good and which ones aren’t. That’s where we come in. We save you time by helping you locate the very best blogs out there.
And unlike Google, we don’t focus just on the blogs that did the most SEO work. We look at the content and use that as our basis for whether the blog deserves to be highlighted on our website.
This directory is helpful for people who are looking for blog reviews, but it’s also helpful for blog owners looking to get exposure.  You can submit your blog for possible inclusion on our site. But be forewarned that we go through a rigorous review process for each blog that gets submitted. 
If you have a blog and would like to apply for inclusion on, you can click here.